Angel Headstones and Their Significance

When a loved one dies, it is necessary to choose a befitting headstone that helps you remember them fondly and keep their happy memories alive. At this time, it is not out of place to choose an angel memorial headstone with a traditional design or something with a custom design and out of the ordinary. The design you decide to go for depends on your knowledge of angel monuments, their meanings and their connotation for a gravestone. This is why this article will discuss the significance of angel statue gravestones.

What are Angel Memorial Headstones?

Angel Memorial Headstones refers to headstones where sculptures of angels are used to depict the emotions felt for deceased loved ones. These angel statues could mean different emotions, depending on the type of person they died or the circumstances surrounding their death.

History of Angel Statue Gravestones

The concept of angel monuments in graveyards and memorial motifs goes back in history. And contrary to popular opinions, angels have been depicted in many places long before Christianity existed. This means that religions and spiritual consciousness that existed before Christianity also believed in the existence of angels.

And ironically, these angel monuments were depicted in the same way Christianity depicted angels - with halos, protective postures and large wings.

History shows that the use of angel monuments dates back to the artworks of the Byzantine empire in the 4th century. However, the depiction of angels at the time was cherubic and cupid-like. The evolution of Christianity brought about the idea of making angel monuments more human-like and earthly.

With time, the use of angel monuments extended beyond buildings and structures and made their way into graveyards as angel memorial headstones. Today, it is commonplace to have angel monuments as headstone designs. While these designs are beautiful, they hold different meanings and convey varying emotions.

Angel Memorial Headstones Design and their Meanings

You can convey your emotions for a deceased person through the angel memorial headstone design. For instance, an angel monument where the angel is facing downwards and weeping gives the idea that the death was untimely and painful.

In situations where the angel has an outstretched hand and looks up to heaven, the deceased's soul is escorted to heaven. This is generally the type of design used for a good or righteous person who lived a spiritual life.

In summary, the type of angel monument design used in a headstone depends on the emotions you want to convey about the deceased.