Buyer's Guide to Gravestones & Markers

Unlike in the movies where you online see a nicely customized grave near the graveside even before the service begins, the process is a bit longer in reality. But you can simplify your process without going through that amount of stress.

In this blog, we will guide you through the process of buying gravestones and markers for your loved ones.

1. Select the cemetery

Selecting the cemetery is the first step to take before searching for your headstones in San Antonio, Texas. This is because each cemetery has different rules that guide the GRAVE markers.

After choosing the cemetery you want to use, you should find out what size, style, and type of headstones will be approved. This is to prevent you from going back and forth or even wasting money.

2. Shop around

There's no need to hurry in buying markers and headstones in San Antonio, Texas especially since it will take a few weeks and even months to produce the marker. Moreover, there are numerous options available online for anyone who wants to get headstones for their loved one so take your time to go through your options.

You do not have to buy your grave marker from the same cemetery you choose. You can get nice San Antonio headstones online and have them shipped to the cemetery.

3. Delegate responsibilities to a point person

Planning the burial or funeral of your loved one can be a very strenuous activity. However, delegating some responsibilities to a point person can help reduce the burden on your shoulder and that of your family.

Your point person may not be responsible for making all the decisions regarding the gravestone. However, it is their duty to gather all the necessary information and narrow the options for your family to discuss.

4. Find out who is responsible for different activities

In the process of buying San Antonio headstones and markers, it is important to know what your responsibilities are during the process. This will help you differentiate yours from that of the grave marker company.

It is important to write down these responsibilities so you can achieve the best result faster. Do stay in contact with the chosen cemetery in case any questions arise.


Now you've gotten to the end of everything you need to know about buying gravestones and markers. Working with the best headstone company will help you stay informed at every step to avoid mistakes.