Commemorate Deceased Person with Different Types of Memorial Headstones

To memorialize a loved one who passed away, you may want to consider fitting a memorial stone or grave markers on their grave. There are various types of memorials for graves. You can choose a monument headstone from different designs and shapes to the memorial message


A headstone is a type of granite ledger or grave marker fixed at the head of a grave, often bearing details of the person who has died. Also known as a gravestone, tombstone, or memorial stone, this type of monument typically shows the deceased's name, birth date, date of death, and other inscriptions or verses.

Our team of skilled stone masons or craftsman endeavors to provide our clients with all the memorial services they could need.

Memorial services we offer

We offer many different kinds of memorials and a whole collection of prevalent types of grave markers that can be customized to remember your loved one that has passed away.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are the most usual type of grave markers, crafted from marble or granite, and upright monuments are standing tombstones that rise out of a stone base or the ground itself. As the largest option, these monuments clearly and vividly show the epitaph.

These headstones are easily visible from a distance and easy to spot, providing a beautiful presentation of names, symbols, and other elements with detail. These tombstones or grave markers are an elegant way to commemorate your loved one's grave.

Slanted Monuments

Slanted monuments are similar to upright ones- except that it's usually shorter, and the face is slanted in the front instead of being directly vertical. These can fix on top of a stone slab to prevent any destruction. The top can either be slightly curved, straight or have raised center, known as a serpentine top.

These tombstones still offer spacious surfaces to inscribe the deceased person's details to the deceased's life.

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches are not typical cemetery monuments. This is because they do not accompany the body of the deceased. Often, granite memorial benches can be sited in a graveyard, church courtyard, home's backyard, or other areas for family and friends to appreciate. These benches can be custom-made with the addition of beautiful pictures of your loved one. Names, quotes, and other information can also be carved.

CORNERSTONE MEMORIALS can customize a variety of memorials to fulfill your specific requirements. From ordinary lawn memorials to wide memorials, our craftsmen have a range of materials and designs to make a perfect tombstone.

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