Everything You Need To Know About Angel Monuments

When planning a fitting memorial for a loved one who departed recently, it is important that you use a traditional headstone design as a way of remembering them. Although there are several headstones already existing today, getting a special and unique design can be very significant for several reasons.


One very special way of doing this is by using Angel headstones for graves. Aside from being the most popular headstone design in the world today, several people prefer using angel monument when grieving.


In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about angel monuments.

What is an angel headstone?

Generally, there is no single angel headstone as people only incorporate the angel motif to their headstone design because they make an ultimate, elegant, comforting, and meaningful addition to a memorial.


Angels are powerful and supernatural beings existing in many religions all over the world. Many believe that angels are intermediaries between God and humankind. However, beyond conveying messages from one to the other, angels perform other functions.


Primarily, angels function as a protective and guiding spirits watching over our day-to-day life as humans. Angels are also known to appear in key moments of celebration, especially in the Christian tradition and in several Bible stories including during the announcement of the coming of Jesus in Bethlehem done by the angel Gabriel.


There are numerous popular designs that can be used as angel headstone for graves including the popular weeping angel, also known as the angel of grief. This portrays a large angel slumped and kneeling in grief over a tombstone with two outspread wings.


Not only does this represent overwhelming grief but the angel kneeling with an outstretched arm signifies a protective stance. It shows that your loved one is being protected by an angel this could be one of the reasons why everyone loves an angel monument.

What does an angel monument signify?

With their wings stretched out and pointing upwards, using angel headstone for graves represents the departed soul of a person being escorted to heaven. When faced downwards or weeping, it signifies the untimely death of a person.


However, you should know that angels mean different things to different people and should therefore be incorporated when designing a headstone for your loved one.


There is so much comfort in knowing that your loved one is protected and being watched as they journey into the afterlife. Even though you may be grieving, using an angel monument signifies the presence of peace and solace.