Five Different Types of Memorial Stones & Grave markers

Whether it is the sudden demise of your loved one or someone suffering from a long-term disease, their loss is extremely heart aching for families. And in this tough situation, families barely gather the courage to make decisions for compensating the emptiness of the departed soul. At this point, you can take professional’s assistance in selecting the best memorial for your loved one.


When you have to select a gravestone or memorial to honor a loved one, the monument's wholesale prices, amount of information, and available options might be stressful and emotional. The terms memorials and monuments, gravestones, ledgers, flats, hearts, etc., can be a little confusing. Hence, to help you, we have jotted down a brief description of memorials and their different types.


What is a Memorial?


A memorial or monument is a structure built to honor a person who has passed away. It might be a statue or another form of the structure placed over a grave to commemorate a person's life. A memorial is a term that refers to the entire physical memorial, which can range from a simple headstone with a base to what is known as a "full monument."


Common Types Of Memorials in Houston


When choosing a headstone for a departed loved one, you can find many different options because these artistic stones come in a wide range of styles. You can find these different stones like hearts and angel memorial headstones in various sizes, colors, weights, and designs.



The angel memorial headstones are quite popular options and are believed to protect the place of the departed soul.


Upright Headstones


These memorials, which are built of marble or granite, and bronze, are the most popular. They generally have the person's name, life span, and quotes etched on them. They can also have photographs and other information inscribed on them.




Ledgers are inscribed slabs. They are used to remember and mark the graves of those who have passed away. You may engrave more information on them because they are large and almost entirely cover the grave.




People erect benches in honor of their departed loved ones. It offers them a sense of giving back to the community where the departed individual lived. A memorial bench usually has the person's name and life span engraved on it to keep their memory alive.


Customized Gravestones


Custom headstones are the finest option among other memorial options if one wishes to go with a unique solution. You have complete control over the memorial's size, style, material, design, and accessories.


It can be difficult and stressful to consider all possibilities and decide while honoring a loved one's life. There are many options for memorials, from flats to ledgers, uprights to headstones, and many others. If you're still hesitant about the best Houston monuments headstones, contact Cornerstone Memorials to get the additional information.