How to Get Headstones Installations for Under $100

There are several elements involved in designing a headstone all of which can affect the cost of the headstone. It is important to pay attention to how factors like the initial design, customization, and even the headstone installations can affect it's overall price especially if you will be paying for the funeral.

In this blog, we will discuss how to get customize headstone installations for under $100 to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by unexpected costs. To do this, here are a few things you should know about headstone installations.

Funeral Setting Fee

When planning to customize headstone for someone who just passed, you will come across prices of headstone installation referred to as setting or placement fees. This fee is used to cover funeral services like the maintenance and perpetual care of the cemetery ground. You should know that the cost of headstone installations differs from one cemetery to another.

Cost of headstone installation

The cost of installing a headstone depends on several factors like laying of the foundation, leveling the ground, and ensuring that the monument is in it's resting position. To get a headstone installation that is under $100 will depend on the size of the monument and the amount of work put into the installation process.

Difference between installing individual and couple monument

Different cemeteries have their rules and regulations regarding the type of monument they allow. While some cemeteries only accept single monuments, others allow couple of monuments.

Couple monuments are usually designed for couples, siblings, or any deceased person that we're close to during their lifetime. Usually, it involves installing two side-by-side headstone.

Depending on the shape and size, it often costs more to install a couple of cemetery than it takes to install a single cemetery. Although the fees differ depending on the location and may be minimal, the price of installing a couple of headstone doubles that of an individual headstone.

Shape or Size Of the Headstone Installation

Different cemeteries allow headstones of different sizes, shapes, and types. Depending on the size of the headstone, the setting fee may differ however, the price of the funeral depends on the bottom of the headstone.

You may have to pay an installation fee for the price of the monument in some cemeteries however, we recommend that you seek guidance from your memorial provider or consume your selected cemetery.


Understanding how the above-mentioned factors affect the price of your headstone installation will be you make the right decision about getting headstone installations under $100.