Memorial Benches is An Alternative to Conventional Headstones

Memorial benches are a wonderful way to pay tribute and praise the life of a loved one who has passed away. They offer a long-lasting monument and a place to sit and reflect and memorialize the person you have lost and give space to share the joy of the individual’s life with others.

Many people choose to personalize them with the individual’s birth date, name, and death date. Most granite benches for the cemetery can be etched to include a special message about their loved one.

Cemetery benches by Cornerstone Memorials can be the right addition to your memorial. Visitors to your memorial can comfortably sit on cemetery benches and reflect in peace with their lost loved ones. Various types of designs for benches in cemeteries are possible, from simple adjacent benches to the addition of the bench into the main monument. These striking benches are suitable for other functions as well.

Custom Options & Personalization for Your Memorial Bench

Like memorial headstones, there are many ways to customize your granite memorial benches. Apart from choosing the color, you can also select size and shape. In doing so, you can still make a structural representation of your loved one, fully representative of their life and legacy.

In addition to these appealing options, you can adorn the bench in other ways. An inscription quoting a favorite musician/author or an appropriate epitaph is an expressive way to create a memorial that genuinely reflects who they were as a person.

Check with your cemetery for any limitations on installing a cemetery bench. Cornerstone Memorials sell, build, design, and install granite memorial benches, cremation benches, graveside benches, gravestone benches, cemetery bench monuments, and bronze vases for headstones in San Antonio.

Stand Out Amongst Upright Monuments

An individual burial site can sometimes be hard to locate amongst the multiple other headstones. However, with a memorial bench structure fabricated with granite, you can discover your destination straightway. The unique shape, distinct figure, and giant slab of granite benches eliminate the challenge that you may have while visiting the graveyard.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

A cemetery memorial bench promotes a sense of positive visits from friends and family members. It can be challenging to pay your respects to loved ones without a sitting place in reflection.

Memorial benches allow visitors to relax and reflect on their time with loved ones. A stunning memorial bench makes a much better atmosphere for positive reflection.


A granite memorial bench is a classy, purposeful, and customizable way to construct a monument for your loved ones. Furthermore, it’s a sophisticated and genuine way to remember family members and a significant way to keep a legacy alive.

At Cornerstones Memorials, our executives are dedicated to helping you create your perfect monument. To know more, visit our website now!