The Ultimate Guide To 27 Headstones That Defied Expectations

People not only design headstones to help others remember you long after you've passed, but it also provides a sense of style to a person's life. This is why the shape, style, and epitaph should be memorable.


In this blog, we will guide you through some of the 27 headstones for grave that defied expectations.

1. John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones headstone was designed with sculpted barnacles being held up by bronze dolphins. This was done using black and white marble.

2. Davis Memorial

This headstone was designed for Sarah Davis by her husband John with about 11 marble and granite statues. This status had several depictions of Sarah both as a young, old woman, and even as an angel.

3. Jules Verne's Tomb

This headstone was designed by Albert Roze for Jules Verne, the father of science fiction. The statue illustrates a scenario where Verne breaks his tombstone and emerges from the grave.

4. Jesus in Cowboy Boots

Willet Babcock, a furniture and casket maker by profession, ordered a memorial for himself before he died from Gustave Klein. This memorial shows an angelic figure in robes, a cross which is said to be Jesus sporting in cowboy boots.

5. Lycian Rock Tombs

This headstone was designed by the ancient Lycians to honor their dead in geographically high places. These monuments were also adorned with intricate reliefs and tall Romanesque columns.

6. The Snow Tomb of Captain Robert Falcon Scott

This headstone world in Houston was designed for Captain Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova and two of his men, Henry "Birdie" Bowers and Edward Wilson.

7. The Tomb of Enrique Torres Belón

This headstone was designed by Belón, an architect and engineer, for his wife in the mid-20th century. It is designed with numerous skills and hanging human skeletons excavated from the town's cemetery with a black marble cross at the bottom.

8. Mrs. Chippy Monument

This headstone was designed for Mrs. Chippy, a cat who accompanied the members of a ship team but was shot when they were trapped in pack ice. In 2004, the New Zealand Antarctic Society designed a bronze statue of Mrs. Chippy for McNeish's grave.

9. Circus Train Wreck Victims Memorial

This headstone was designed to honor members of the Con T. Kennedy Carnival Show who died in a fire after their train collided with a steel passenger train.


Headstones for grave give people an opportunity to honor you after you are gone. Therefore they should be designed with so much passion.