What Is the Meaning of the Angel Headstone?

There are several options available to help you choose the right headstone for the memorial of your loved ones who just departed. Among these options is the angel headstone.

Angel headstone is one of the most popular monument designs around the world today. This is not only because it is used as a cemetery marble angel statue but because of the special meaning attached to it.

Today these statues represent strength, beauty, peace, protection, faith as well as the connection between heaven and earth. People who use these cemetery marble angel statues know that their loved ones are protected and at ease even when they feel lost from grieving.

In this blog, we will closely look into the meaning of angel headstones.

Different angels and their meanings

When looking for cemetery headstones near me, you will come across different designs on different tombstones. These designs and postures have their own unique meanings and we will be discussing them below.

Cemetery marble angel statues with their hands clasped together signify an expression of devotion to God.

Angel monument designs that have their hands facing up represents their soul leading towards the heavens.

Cemetery marble angel statues designed with their heads either bowing or facing down are used when mourning the sudden loss or accidental demise of a person.

An angel monument designed to cry beside a tombstone expresses the sorrow felt from the departure of a relative.

Where did the angel’s design come from?

For thousands of years even before the existence of Christianity, angels have always been depicted. Today they are traditionally used to described as humane in a peaceful and protective posture with beautiful wings.

The belief that angels are created with wings can be traced back to the 4th century by the work of the Byzantine. As Christianity advanced, people no longer design angels as cupids but now in a pictorial humane form.

As a result, angel monuments are now being used as a pattern for designing headstones instead of the usual pop art. An as different century passes by, the tombstone has also evolved from being fairly basic to other complex designs made with different materials. Overall, these cemetery headstones near me are being used as key features with their different meanings.


From marble to granite and bronze, there are different materials and options available to choose from when designing angel cemetery headstones near me. It is important to choose one that best expresses the message you want to convey.