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Etched With Love

There is a great deal of passion that goes into each headstone, monument, bench, designed in remembrance of your loved one(s). And when we hear the stories of family members and friends who lived amazing lives, we are filled with inspiration which we pour into each piece we create.

Your love inspires our love, and together we create amazing stories!

Design Consult

A memory etched in stone is a memory for a lifetime. Combining talent, passion, love and detail, Cornerstone Memorials offers its customers a beautiful way to honor the lives of their loved ones through masterful artistry and craftsmanship.

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Pre-Need Insurance

Losing a loved one is difficult and can add a lot of stress on a family or individual. The process of making end-of-life choices during this time of grief can add unnecessary stress to this process. Planning ahead provides a reprieve from last minute decisions, disagreements, and other headaches, that take away from peacefully grieving your loved one and focusing on family.

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In-House Consulting

During these very difficult times, we understand and respect your need for privacy and well… time. Our In-House Consulting Service allows you the freedom to navigate the memorialization process in the comfort of your own home, on your own time and at your own pace! We are here for you!

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As an added value service, we will coordinate the installation of your headstones. We are licensed and bonded to install anywhere in the country, and offer an lifetime warranty. We eliminate the concern and burden of wondering “how”, by simply taking care of it ourselves! 


A Cornerstone Memorial is a piece of art and reminder of a life once lived. With great care, we create each piece with your loved one in mind, preserving memories for a lifetime. With the right maintenance, the magnificence of our beautiful stones can be restored again like new. Bringing to life once again a story told.

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Shipping & Delivery

We are a Texas based company with locations in Houston and San Antonio. We are able to ship anywhere within the Texas region.